Jeeves: Lyrics To The 'Lost' Songs

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SPODE is the villainous Spode's main song in Jeeves and sets out his vision for a world ruled by his organisation the Black Shorts (the shop having run out of shirts). As the song progressed, trousers and hem-lines would have risen and split until everyone was wearing black shorts at the end of the song.
Spode and his entire sub-plot was dropped from
By Jeeves (the closest equivalent character is Cyrus Budge Jnr III).

Spode and company:
Come with me towards that land
Where oak trees proudly stand
And crystal streams are flowing.
Onwards! - You shall surely find
If you should glance behind -
That land where we are going.

Though your load may seem heavy on that road
If you cry the name of Spode
You will feel that your footsteps grow less weary.
Lo! The light that is shining through the night
T'wards a city gleaming bright,
See the Black Shorts stride together.

Hail! The land from whence we came,
Where blood groups are the same -
We'll fight those who deride us.
For, united, you shall see,
All conquering we shall be,
With Roderick Spode to guide us.

We shall stand 'gainst each loathsome foreign band,
Brother take your sister's hand!
We are here - every saviour of Britain.
Lo! The light, that is shining through the night
T'wards a city gleaming bright,
See the black shorts stride together.

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