Jeeves: Lyrics To The 'Lost' Songs

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Motoring Song (Crow Flies)

The Motoring Song (Crow Flies) features in the Jeeves rehearsal draft and moves the action from London to Totleigh Towers. It was replaced for the actual production of Jeeves by Travelling Hopefully, which became Travel Hopefully in By Jeeves.

I've got a yen to be on the road again
I want to wander free.
I need to see those macadam surfaces
a-rolling underneath me.
No use sitting in the same old place
Just wishing it weren't so.
Come with me, Climb aboard the motor, let's go -
Let's travel like the crow.

Brother, there's a sight just around the bend there,
I can guarantee that it's something new.
Not a single house to the far horizon,
Lousing up the view -
There'll only be me and you there.
The day that it rains in West Northumberland,
I'll find the sun in Kent.
I'm up in Scotland for Hogmanay,
By June I'll be south of the Trent.
I've no time for those same old places.
I already know...
Come with me, Climb aboard the motor, let's go -
Let's fly it like the crow.

Sister, there's a place just beyond that mountain.
That'll make you cry with the symmetry.
Simply going to drive till the road goes nowhere,
Straight into the sea -
There'll only be you and me there...

Don't need a map here to help me navigate,
Just want to wait and see.
I'll stop for lunch up in Hull or Harrogate -
Still make Devon for tea.
If it's in you, then you've got to move
Like an inbuilt dynamo.
Come with me, Climb aboard the motor, let's go -
Let's wing it like the crow.

People, there's no sight in the world so lovely
Looking at the place that you've left behind.
Simply close your eyes if you see a sign post
We don't want to know.
We'll be flying like the crow flies -
Simply flying like the crow…

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