Jeeves: Lyrics To The 'Lost' Songs

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Today (Waltz)

Today was introduced in the first rehearsal draft of Jeeves and introduces Bingo Little's subplot. Bingo is in love with Bertie's former fiancée Honoria Glossop, but she has been ignoring him and he turns to Bertie for help. Bertie, aware of Bingo's previous history with women, is not convinced. The song survived to the West End production of Jeeves but did not play any part in By Jeeves. Bingo's infatuation with Honoria being dealt with as part of the song Travel Hopefully.

It's no use denying it,
Least of anyone, but me,
Monogamous existence can't compare
with assorted female company.
But before you've breakfasted,
Try to ration it to one.
Moderation's not a bad idea...

But it's not such fun...
Could we but travel on in time and look back on today,
I'm sure that we would view ourselves in quite a different way.
We'd see all those chances that we never took,
Those reckless leaps we made without a look - why look?
But since the future still remains a blank and empty page
And we are trapped inside our time, the children of our age.
Such useless crystal gazing's
An idle game to play -
Just take your life and live it for today.

Today, today is all we know, is all we know for sure.
There is no time to hesitate, to let your doubts mature.
For absence won't make the heart grow fond, you'll find,
That out of sight is often out of mind.
Love's blind. It's here and now these confidences that her eyes invite,
Are your to share with her today and carry through the night.
And when in time, it's morning,
You'll both be there to say,
I'll stay with you to share a new today...

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